How Can We Help

How Can We Help? (2 Corinthians 9: 1-15)   It’s that time of the year again, that time when it seems as if everyone has their hand out for a donation to a no doubt worthy cause.  It ranges from the mailouts that fill your mailbox from national organizations seeking a donation to their cause [...]

2023-11-28T08:22:14-08:00November 28th, 2023|Sermons|

Children Of The Day

Children of the Day (1 Thessalonians 5: 1-11)   One of my assignments when I was a young Houston Police Officer back in the late 1970s and early 80s was to the Radio Patrol division and my area of patrol responsibility included a section of the city that was known for its nightlife.  It had [...]

2023-11-21T08:02:04-08:00November 21st, 2023|Sermons|

The Big One is Coming

The Big One is Coming (Matthew 25: 1-13)   When Teresa and I told her mother that we were moving to Washington State she said she could never live there because of all the earthquakes.  I gently reminded her that Texas and Mother Nature had more ways to kill you than I could count, such [...]

2023-11-14T09:01:43-08:00November 14th, 2023|Sermons|

Keeping It Simple

Keeping it Simple (1 Thessalonians 2: 1-13)   In all the different careers I’ve had there was a basic approach and job description.  One that thankfully didn’t involve any math other than counting by tens, twenties, and hundreds.  Policing was pretty basic.  Answer your radio when called, take a report, conduct a basic investigation, and [...]

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Polyticks (Matthew 22: 15-22)   In Texas the play-on-words description that we had for politics was: “Polyticks” as in many bloodsucking parasites.  And like every joke there was a kernel of truth behind the joke that made it all the funnier or tragically true.  And I can tell you that I know this from experience, [...]

2023-10-29T14:57:24-07:00October 22nd, 2023|Sermons|
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